• cannoli
    Eiffel Tower's cannoli shells are filled with creamy vanilla ice-cream, with dark chocolate dipped ends.
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    Our Ice-Cream cake is a most popular choice be it for the summer or winter seasons and comes in two flavours: Vanilla & Chocolate, which has one layer of vanilla milk-based cream and another layer of chocolate milk-based cream, and the other flavour is the popular Ferrero Rocher (and it tastes just like the famous chocolates that bear the name), consisting of two layers of ferrero rocher milk-based cream. Both Ice-Cream cakes are decorated with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and glace' cherries.
  • tartufi
    Smooth and decadent chocolate ice cream, centred with a glazed red cherry covered with shavings of rich dark chocolate.
  • baci
    Smooth and decadent Hazelnut ice cream covered with rich dark chocolate.
  • cassata
    An Italian classic with layers of creamy nougat hazelnut and chocolate ice cream, together with candied fruit and strega liqueur soaked sponge.
  • ferrero
    Wafer shells are filled with creamy hazelnut ice-cream, dipped in dark chocolate and mixed nuts.