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  • Scattered Pearls - Three Tiers-38914447315641
    Starting From $450 Strands of pearls, sugar roses and ribbon are the features of this three tier fondant icing cake.
  • 2015-12-06 10.43.48
    Starting From $750
  • Semi-Freddo
    The Semifreddo, as the name suggests, is a partially frozen cake consisting of two very thin layers of cherry-liqueur dipped vanilla sponge between layers of hazelnut and vanilla ice-cream and decorated with ganache glaze and crushed dark chocolate.
  • sfoglia-cannoli-(small)
    Light and flaky puff pastry shells filled with creamy and luscious vanilla custard, the top of which are lightly sifted with icing sugar.
  • sfoglia-cannoli-(puff-pastry)
    Three layers of vanilla sponge lightly brushed with cherry liqueur and alternately layered with three layers of puff pastry – each layer of sponge and puff pastry is spread with alternate layers of vanilla and chocolate custard – finished with butter cream and dusted icing sugar.
  • sfoglia-cannoli-(small)
    Six layers of puff pastry sheets, each layer of puff pastry sheet is spread with alternate layers of vanilla and chocolate custard and finished with dusted icing sugar ideal for diabetics as cake can be made with (dairy-free cream & dairy-free jam).
  • Simple Alana - Three Tiers-39214447315651
    Starting From $750 A combination of round and square fondant icing cakes creates this three tier cake, with the middle tier worked in a quilt. Silk flowers on the top and bottom tiers finish off the cake.
  • 1931
    Cake displayed is a two-dimensional shape = cut-out shape and sits flat on the cake board.
  • Soccerball
    Soccer has fast become a popular sport with young (and not-so-young) boys. Surprise them with this cake and you will surely score a goal!
  • soccer-jersey
    You'll kick lots of goals with a cake like this! The Guernsey is available in the team of your choice.
  • 14447315611
    Starting From $650 This four tier fondant icing cake features alternating quilt and stripe work. Pillars separate each tier of the cake, adding to its height. Please note that the Bride and Groom cake ornaments are not included.
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