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  • IMG_3355
    Three layers of vanilla sponge, layered and decorated with chocolate essence cream and decorated with glace' cherries
  • IMG_3367

    Rum Balls

    A nutty rum syrup pudding mixture, rolled in dark chocolate and decorated with white chocolate drizzle.
  • rum-baba-(small)

    Rum Baba

  • IMG_3354
    Three layers of vanilla sponge, layered and decorated with coffee essence cream and decorated with chocolate
  • continental-square-(torta)
    The Continental (Torta) cakes - these ones in the square shape - are finished with butter cream, glace' cherries, crushed dark chocolate shavings and nuts. Colour decoration can be chosen from the list of colours.
  • photo-finish-3photo-finish
    Personalise your cake with a photo finish.  
  • Dripping
  • fruit-tart

    Fruit Tarts

    Crunchy pastry cases are filled with creamy and luscious vanilla custard, topped and decorated with fresh fruit pieces and glaze.
  • 14447307061
    Our Ice-Cream cake is a most popular choice be it for the summer or winter seasons and comes in two flavours: Vanilla & Chocolate, which has one layer of vanilla milk-based cream and another layer of chocolate milk-based cream, and the other flavour is the popular Ferrero Rocher (and it tastes just like the famous chocolates that bear the name), consisting of two layers of ferrero rocher milk-based cream. Both Ice-Cream cakes are decorated with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and glace' cherries.
  • 430-thickbox_default-cannoli-dome-430IMG_4027

    Our medium size crunchy cannoli shells are filled with both vanilla and chocolate custard.  All vanilla custard or all chocolate custard fillings are also available.  Ricotta cannoli are also available at an extra cost.

    A dark chocolate plaque displays a personalised message.

  • vanilla-farfalle-(cupcake)
    "Farfalle" is the Italian word for butterflies. Butterfly cup cakes are available in either vanilla sponge with vanilla custard or chocolate sponge with chocolate custard, and are finished off with chocolate drizzle and a light sift of icing sugar.
  • chocolate-mousse-finish-round
    Chocolate Mousse Finish are finished off with chocolate mousse cream, crushed dark chocolate shavings and glace' cherries.