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  • 14461853791
    Choux pastry profiteroles - layered in a dome shape - are filled with custard and drizzled with melted dark chocolate. All vanilla custard and all chocolate custard filled profiteroles can be ordered. A dark chocolate plaque displays the personalised message.
  • category_91
    Cake displayed is a two tier in fondant icing, adorned with a spired church ornament, ceramic baby bears and bootees. Alphabet blocks spell out the baby's name at the forefront of the cake. Please note that cake ornaments can vary from the display according to stock availability and if substitutes are supplied, they will always be of a comparable nature.
  • IMG_3998
    Covered in fondant icing, this cake is a child's delight.
  • photo-finish-3photo-finish
    Personalise your cake with a photo finish.  
  • Pavolova
    Meringue cake with a crisp crust and soft inside, topped with fruit and fresh cream.
  • IMG_3974
  • chocolate-ganache
    Textured vanilla and chocolate (twirled) mud – finished with a mirror glaze of Soft and dark chocolate ganache. Optional – butter cream finish.
  • 1721
    Cake displayed is three-dimensional = virtual shape and is available in any airline company logo.
  • IMG_3992
    Starting From $300 Frangipani flowers are the main feature of this two tier fondant icing cake. Colours can be changed to suit your own colour theme. Prices displayed are only indicative only and all cakes can be made to suit your own specific serving sizes. Call Eiffel Tower to obtain your personalised quotation.
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  • 2-tier-dot-&-stripe
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