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  • triangle-chocolate-slice
  • Pavolova
    Meringue cake with a crisp crust and soft inside, topped with fruit and fresh cream.
  • IMG_3315

    Almond meal biscuits topped with glazed red cherries.

  • IMG_3330

    Chocolate flavoured almond meal biscuits sandwiched together with chocolate and cocoa cream.

  • nutella-donut
  • mars-bar
    Eiffel Tower's Mars Bar cake is a rich, dense and textured chocolate sponge with caramel and chocolate mousse filling and decorated with ganache glaze and crushed dark chocolate.
  • jam-donut

    Jam Donut

  • chocolate-mousse-slice
    Chocolate Mousse Slices: Three layers of chocolate sponge, layered and decorated with a soft, light and frothy chocolate mousse cream – finished with chocolate mousse cream or butter cream.
  • IMG_3326

    Pistachio flavoured almond meal biscuits, rolled in flaked almonds with a light dust of icing sugar, are truly divine.

  • blackforrest-slice
    Three layers of chocolate sponge, lightly brushed with cherry liqueur, layered with fresh cream and sour black cherries – finished with butter cream.
  • toblerone-cheesecake
    The Toblerone Cheesecake is an unbaked chocolate and hazelnut flavoured dessert consisting of soft, fresh cheese, with a sweet biscuit crust base, decorated with chocolate curls.
  • chocolate-rum-horseshoe

    Rum syrup pudding mixture, encased in a light and flaky pastry and coated with icing sugar.